Aufnahmedatum: 1949 November 29
Dauer: 2:35
Beschreibung: Introduction to "My evolution" – a lecture delivered at the University of California at Los Angeles on Schoenberg's musical development. Anecdote on the introduction of the emperor, Franz Josef I. An unidentified announcer also speaks. In English.
Signatur: 52/R7
Arnold Schoenberg: My evolution, produced and directed by Bill Wolfe. UCLA Instructional Media (Office of Instructional Development, Prod. no. 6769) (available from: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, Princeton, NJ, Catalog no. ANL2665), 25 January 1990. VHS (NTSC) color, 49:59.


...welcome him in the name of the University and the name of the Music Department and the student body, by whose cooporation this ocassion has b...

[audience applause]

SCHOENBERG: I wonder sometimes who I am. When the Committee on Lectures and Drama announced my lecture in the newspapers, someone was afraid the readers might not know who I am. So they informed them as follows: "famous theoretician and controversial musical figure, known for the influence he has brought to bear on modern music." Up to now, I thought I compose for different reasons.

[audience laughter]

Besides, this reminds me of an event which occurred about 50 years ago, in Vienna. Our emperor, Francis Joseph the First, usually honored openings of important industrial or artistic expositions by his presence. On such occasions the chairman of the committees were allowed to present prominent industrialists and artists to the emperor. In this special case, the chairman did it as it was customary with ordinary citizens: "Your Majesty, may I present Mr. so-and-so, a great industrialist." Thereafter, turning to the gentleman, he added: "His Majesty, the emperor." After he had done that several times, the emperor said softly: "By now, I hope, the gentlemen will know who I am!"

[audience laughter]

May I hope, in another 50 years they will also know who I am.